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Homeowners Insurance Cancelled in Florida? Citizens May Not Be Your Only Option!

Do any of you remember "A Miracle on 34th Street"? It is a Christmas movie, and in one part Macy's Santa Claus refers a customer to Gimbels since Macys did not have the roller skates the mother was looking for. How nice! One company putting the customers' needs above the store's desire to make a buck. Apparently this does not apply to some property insurers here in Florida.

It is bad enough that the "big boy" insurers in Florida are crying poverty and woe, saying they are going broke by insuring homes here in the Sunshine State. However, as they leave, instead of directing the homeowners whose policies they are cancelling to other conventional companies that can offer better prices and superior service, some of them are steering their clients to Citizens Property Insurance, the state-run company. That is kind of like finding out that the supermarket where you always shop no longer carries an item you regularly use. But instead of telling you the that another supermarket just down the street carries it, they tell you that you can find it in a store 50 miles away! Not very helpful, to say the least!

In most circumstances, as a homeowner you will have the option of choosing which company you want use to insure your property. Perhaps in the long run, Citizens may be the best option or your only choice. If you own an older mobile home this will likely be the case. This company certainly has a part to play here in Florida. However, it is not the only player, nor always the best choice.

In general, conventional companies will likely give you a better price for your policy, better coverage, and better service. If your current company tells you that they plan to cancel your coverage in the future, do not delay. Start shopping around now for a replacement policy. Visit or call several agencies to get the coverage and price that best fits your particular situation. You may have few choices, but as we have more years without severe hurricane damage, more and more smaller companies will enter our market to pick up customers. Do not allow anyone to force you to take a policy with Citizens unless you have no other option or you make an informed choice to pick Citizens as your insurer. As always, an informed consumer is a happier consumer.

Even if you end up going with Citizens at the beginning, it pays to check back with the insurance agents from time-to-time. A company that is not accepting new customers today, may welcome you in 3 months time. So check periodically to see if better coverage or a cheaper price is available.

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