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Don't Cut Your Faithful Agent Out of the Deal When Dealing With Developers

A colleague of mine here in Zephyrhills, Florida recently had an experience that proves a point. He had some buyers that he had been working with for several months. They finally expressed an interest in seeing some new homes nearby. Most homebuilders and developers will pay agents a commission for bringing them buyers. The agent in question gave the buyers a list of subdivisions that were being built. Thinking they would save him time, the buyers went out to see some of the areas and the homes that were available without letting their agent know what they were doing.

When the people finally found a home they wanted to buy, the developers refused to give the hard-working agent his commission. Why? Because he had not accompanied the buyers in person the first time they looked at the home, and therefore, had not been able to register them as his buyers on that first visit. If he had gone with them when they first visited the subdivision and had registered them as his customers, he would have made a nice commission, several thousand dollars. Now he got nothing for the weeks of work he had put in for his customers.

Some developers are more cooperative and will allow agents to register customers after-the-fact or over the phone. But most want the agents to be there for that very first visit. Otherwise, they will not pay. Customers often do not realize this and think they are helping out by doing some of the preliminary work to save their agent from wasting his or her time. They have the best of intentions.

Do let your agents know when you want to see homes in new subdivisions or developments, and have them go with you on your first visit. In this way you can be sure that your agent will be rewarded for their hard work. Or, at least let the people at the model home know that you were sent there by your agent and that you expect the sellers to pay him or her the stated commission. Some will accept this and some will not. The surest thing is to have your agent with you.

If you have good agents, you know how hard they work for you. Please be sure that they do not get cut out of the deal at the last minute for the lack of a minor item like a registration form.

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