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A Television Show That Can Help Home Sellers Avoid Costly Mistakes When Marketing Their Homes

Television This is a television program that I love watching. It is called "BUY ME" and is presented at various times on the Home & Garden Television (HGTV) cable channel. Bright House Channel 57 here in Pasco County, Florida. I suppose I enjoy it so much because I am a REALTOR, and what happens on this show validates what I try to get my sellers to see. They often have unrealistic goals for themselves and unrealistic expectations as to what buyers will accept.

On this show, people are trying to sell their homes for various reasons, some are moving out of the area, some want to downsize due to retirement, and others want a bigger home to fit their expanding families. More often than not, the sellers disregard the advice of their real estate professional and then the "fun" begins. What seems a bit strange to me is that on several occassions, the real estate agents were the mothers of the sellers! Never a good idea to ignore Mom!

As you watch it you will see sellers price their homes WAY over the market value, even when the real estate agent shows them the proof that the price is too high and that similar homes down the street are selling for less. You will frequently see sellers dismiss the obvious flaws in their homes and refuse to fix or clean up in an attempt to make their homes more attractive. For some reason they seem to think that huge cracks in foundations, electrical wires hanging from the ceilings, leaking roofs, flooded basements, rotted wood, etc are pluses instead of negatives???? Then when no one visits the home, or when the visitors that do come are unimpressed and run for the doors, they turn on their agents and heap all the blame on them. Even when they decide to sell the home themselves with poor results, they still unfairly blame the real estate agents!

In many cases, at the end of the show the home has either sold for just about what the REALTOR had first said the price should be, or the home remains unsold because the sellers stubbornly refuse to accept reality. And even when the home does sell and the sellers are patting themselves on the back for getting "their price", they forget that it usually took them many many months to sell their home, and in the meantime they have been paying insurance, taxes, and mortgage payments. So in reality they may have even lost money. Their profits might have been higher if they had listed at a lower price as their agent first recommended and had sold their home quickly. Something to keep in mind.

Even in our current "buyers market" a home will sell if it is priced correctly. That is the most important point to remember. A broken down shack will sell if the price is appropriate for its condition. A mansion in perfect condition will not sell if it is priced above similar homes in the neighborhood that are selling for less. That is just reality. If the sellers could put themselves in the buyers' shoes, they would do the same thing. That is, buy the lower priced but equal  home. However, too many think that theirs is "special" and thus should command a higher price. I am sure it is special to them, but what makes it special may make it less attractive to some buyers.

This show is shot in Quebec, Canada. You will notice that the agents there have numerous open houses. Here we do have open houses or caravans for other real estate agents. However, as a rule, open houses for customers do not seem to work here and are no longer the norm, probably due to the internet's influence and accessibility. I have done them, but you are lucky if 1 or 2 window shoppers stop by. Other than this difference, most of the other things that happen on the show are pretty true-to-life.

In any case, I do suggest you try to catch this show when you can. If you are selling your home, see if you can see yourselves in any of the situations. Are you doing all you can to sell your home for the best reasonable price, or are you shooting yourselves in the foot? Hopefully you can learn to sidestep a few of the follies of the sellers on this show. You will note that those sellers who do trust their agents and follow their recommendations are more likely to have a positive and less stressful conclusion to their sales.

To see a schedule of this program's showings you can visit the HGTV site at the following link:

You can also visit my webpage at: and click on the TV menu button to see a list of other shows that can help both sellers and buyers achieve their real estate goals.

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