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Being Positive Doesn’t Mean I Let YOU Walk All Over Me

You know, many would think that when others have a positive attitude towards business, and life in general, is a means to try and trample over those without regard to how they affect them. That is not so and the positive are not weak in nature to begin with.

I have long since learned that a positive outlook doesn't mean I just follow others around and keep in tune with the "Joneses" but to be direct and honest WITH regard to my intent that in doing so I am not affecting others in a negative way. On the flip side, I am keeping healthy boundaries and don't let others cross that line. Being assertive and direct with a meaningful tone by the way.

There are those that have ulterior motives to hurt when telling people the ‘truth' and those that just need to be straightforward with the only intent of others respecting them for their honest opinions.

In other words, there's a right way and a wrong way of doing things.

My mom used to try and pound that into my head from ‘kid time'.  I used to think that telling people something they didn't want to hear would hurt them. Not so in the real estate business. We HAVE to be straightforward in this business so our client's have a clear understanding of the market, the process and the end result.

Same goes for online communication and connections. I'm one of ‘those' that will try and avoid ‘unnecessary' conflict. Do I care how long someone has been doing something?  I think I would rather identify how the quality of work and the sincerity of the person is compared to ‘how much' or ‘how long'. And without personal interaction of some sort (telephone, face to face) the typewritten word may sometimes portray obscenity and ill disregard to another.

There is a right way and wrong way of doing things and to not give a ‘shirt' about another and how I may affect them may just be chalked up to self centeredness.  So, I'll just continue with what's good for me......which by all means may not be the same for you....but with all good intentions that I'm not affecting anyone in a negative manner.

Signing off....

Being Positive Doesn't Mean We Let THEM Walk All Over Us



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