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Is it puffery or is it just B.S.?

You see this same thing with a lot of agents who refer to themselve out loud and in ads that they are "short sale" experts. From what I have read, if something should go wrong and a lawsuit is the result, that word "expert" could come back to bite them on their hind quarters.


With no offense intended to anyone in particular...remember that term? Puffery.  According to Websters dictionary puffery (while accepted in large doses daily in our world of real estate) is 'praise, publicity or acclaim that is unduly exaggerated'.

There is a new agent in town. On the marquee of his office they put his name and this message,....John Doe lake and dowtown area expert. He didn't come in from across town, he came in from states away. Is this puffery or B.S.? Might I suggest unpacking before puffingPublic service announcement: Ask your 'expert' agent how long they have been serving the area!

Yesterday I was cruising the MLS in anticipation of a few early showings today. Oh my the things we see and read there. Best buy, Great investment, million dollar view and on and on. Public service announcement: Views do not appraise, and smart agents do not promise that your home will sell in the future for big bucks! Is this puffery or B.S.??

Hey, I like the new guy and I like a well written description but is it puffery or is it B.S.?

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Comment balloon 1 commentJohn Elwell • May 29 2010 04:10PM


Well dear have nailed the subject matter and made a good post out of it...thank you John. To me, things really end up selling themselves. Sure, we nudge, coach, nurture, guide, emphasize and all the rest of it, but in the end, it is what it is no matter what the spin.......


Posted by Richie Alan Naggar, agent & author (people first...then business Ran Right Realty ) over 10 years ago

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